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As a reverted Roman Catholic, F.X. “Frank” Cronin thought and lived as an existential atheist, a deist and an evangelical Protestant before returning to the one, true Church in 2007.  While his faith in Jesus Christ is twenty five years old, his return to the Catholic Church completed his search for the God of the Scriptures and of history and gave him a new and vast treasury of knowledge and spirituality to explore and to share.   


As a Protestant, F.X. spoke locally and regionally on many topics including the educational imperatives for Christian children, apologetics, parenting, marriage, media and culture.  He also conducted Bible studies, Sunday school classes and lectures on modern Christian apologists.  

F.X. has studied on a graduate level in education at Harvard University and at the University of Connecticut, in leadership at Columbia University and in theology at Regent University and Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  He also writes regularly for The National Catholic Register and appeared on EWTN’s The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi following his 2007 reversion to the Catholic faith from atheism and evangelical Protestantism. 


He has worked as an administrator in Catholic, Protestant and public schools, a leadership consultant, a teacher and a counselor and has taught at all levels including as a graduate adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut and Aquinas College in Nashville and as an elementary home schooling father.  He has served as a vice chair on accreditation committees and created innovative cultural and academic programs.  He also speaks and teaches regularly in ministry and church settings.


At a crucial point in his life, he decided to find out first-hand how God could direct a life, his life.  He discovered the more enthusiastically and seriously he sought God the more God was willing to show him what to do.  Since this pivotal time God put Frank on a steep learning curve and an exhilarating and challenging walk of faith.  He gave Frank a calling to awaken slumbering Christians to the breadth and depth of real discipleship.  He called F.X. to teach the imperative for Christian education for every Christian child, the necessity of a godly home and marriage, the truth of a sound and sophisticated Christian worldview and the joy and challenge of a rich and faith filled life as a disciple of Christ. 


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